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Midway Mediation have provided mediation and conflict resolution services to members of the public, as well as familes for over 15 years.  The Mediation process enables each individual to consider their own needs as well as trying to understand how the issues may be affecting the other involved parties. We work hard to ensure that each party can be heard in order that there is a good chance that an amicable and fair outcome can be reached. 

The mediation process is much more cost effective than engaging solicitors or going through court proceedings. When conflict arises and issues are unable to be resolved without the involvement of a third party, many people believe that taking the case to court is the only option.  It can be much more cost effective and otherwise beneficial if an agreement can be reached outside of the court system with the help of an experienced and qualified mediator.

A Mediator can help you to be heard by the other party (or parties involved) and consider and plan the best way forward.  They can also provide you with the means to draw up an agreement, which is still legally binding, in the same way as any other contract agreed and signed between 2 or more parties.

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Jo Ambrose

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